A few of you may want a telephone land line, both for making and for receiving calls. This can be specially true if you are staying in Rome for a very long period of time. This is fine, we can defintely arrange that.

Italy is a country in which phone calls can cost many times more than similar calls in the US. Until a few years ago, you could actually track usage very conveniently on an Italian phone by calling a special number. That number was answered by a computer voice which read out the number of message units currently on the phone. If you called this number at the beginning and end of your stay, you calculated the message units and paid for them. Beautiful. Like all good things, this one had to come to an end, and the computer-voice system no longer works.

At this point we have a problem: How would you track the usage? We don’t know of any easy way to do so, and the situation becomes even more complicated with international calls, or if the long-distance provider is different from the local provider, etc., etc.

There are only two solutions:

(a) You decide you can live without a land line. Under this scenario, you can just rely on the cellphone we lend you and use our free WI-FI internet connection.


(b) You wait for the phone bill to come in before we return your security deposit to you. When we ourselves rent a place in England, this is precisely what happens. And in Italy, as in England, the phone bill comes every two months. Thus, if your stay happens to coincide with the beginning of the billing cycle, it may be 90 days before the bill comes in and gets checked.

It’s up to you.